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$5,000 Accident Warranty


We are confident that Genuine Grip slip-resistant footwear will considerably reduce slips and falls in your workplace.  Up to $5,000 will be paid towards any paid workers compensation claim against slip or fall accident at working place by anyone wearing a pair of Genuine Grip Footwear purchased through a payroll deduction plan or through a 100% subsidized company purchase.



Genuine Grip Footwear hereby agrees to reimburse a qualifying Company participating in the Payroll Deduction Plan or 100% subsidized company purchase program with our authorized distributors for any direct medical expenses paid by Company relative to injuries sustained by an employee(s) of Company resulting from slip and fall accidents while wearing shoes purchased from Genuine Grip. Conditions apply.


1.    The employee must have been wearing a pair of Genuine Grip footwear purchased through a payroll deduction program or a 100% subsidized company program within 6 months of the accident date.
2.    Exclusions from this offer include: accidents sustained due to objects on the floor, icy surfaces, coolers areas, freezers areas, in subzero areas, or in climatic controlled areas.
3.    Maximum claim: limited to the lesser of either $5,000 or the completed claim amount.
4.    Maximum reimbursement during the calendar year is 10% of the company net purchase of the Genuine Grip footwear for the calendar year in which the accident occurs.

5.    Genuine Grip Footwear reserves the right to require written certification by the employee and/or the manager confirming any of the above conditions on the form(s) provided by Genuine Grip Footwear.
6.    If the Company is more than sixty (60) days delinquent in its payment of any Genuine Grip Footwear invoices, this warranty may be canceled at anytime.
7.    Genuine Grip Footwear reimbursements via the warranty are for direct medical expenses only.  
Claims other than direct medical expenses will not be considered for payment including but not limited to expenses due to lost time at work.
8.    The limited warranty is only effective for slips and falls that occur on the floor at the Company's workplace.
9.    Stairs and ladders are expressly excluded from any coverage in any form within the context of the warranty.


No reimbursement amount shall be paid to the Participating Company for any accident, which is not reported in writing to Genuine Grip Footwear within twenty-one (21) days of the date of the accident.

This confidence guarantee shall automatically terminate upon the termination of the Employee Payroll Deduction Plan or the 100% company subsidized program with Genuine Grip Footwear' authorized distributors.

When a location Manager informs your Corporate Risk/Safety Manager that an employee has incurred a slip and fall accident wearing Genuine Grip Slip-resistant footwear, the following process needs to be followed:

1.    The footwear must have been purchased within six (6) months through a payroll deduction plan or 100% company subsidized program.
2.    The Corporate Safety/Risk Manager should forward a copy of an accident report to the facility manager where the accident occurred.
3.    The accident report should be completed, signed and notarized by the facility manager and then forwarded back to the Corporate Safety/Risk Manager.
4.    The Corporate Safety/Risk Manager must send the accident report to Genuine Grip Footwear within twenty-one (21) days of the incident. Please send these forms to:


Genuine Grip Footwear

41E Bancker Street

Englewood, NJ 07631

Upon review, Genuine Grip Footwear will reimburse your company the lesser of either $5000 or the completed claim amount for direc